Christmas. And other things.

I don’t get how I’m not excited for Christmas. I mean, I’d seriously be singing Christmas carols right now. I’d be jolly, joyous and MERRY. But guess what? I’m not. I don’t feel anything.

People tell me, “Oh, psshh that just means your growing up. Welcome to the club!” BS. That is just BS. You know what I say? Blame it on society. I mean, we’ve been such oblivious consumers, faithful to the concept of capitalism (COMMUNISM FOR THE WIN) that our economy is slowly, slowly deteriorating.

Look at it. It’s falling apart. We’re facing another economic downturn. “Oh it’s part of the economic cycle! We’ll pick ourselves back up, it’s okay!” Really? Really? Do you really want to go through another Great Depression? From what I heard, some tough sh– shtuff went down during those times. I mean, do look it up on Google (they have an Image search, how nifty is that?) if you’ve never seen the photographs. People lived in shanties. They lived in Hoovervilles! My word, you must be both a sadist and masochist. S&M. Sadomasochist, that’s what they’d call you. Go join Rihanna while you’re at it.

On top of that, I don’t get why Meralco had to double the costs of running electricity. Out of all the houses in my entire neighborhood, I can only count a few whose owners went all out and bonga with the Christmas lights. Oh wait, that’s right. Blame it on monopoly. That’s another thing that’s screwing our economy over.

On top of that “on top of that”, I don’t get how you’re taking me so seriously (if you are). Chill, bro. I’m not that left wing. Nor am I ignorant. Sheesh. However, if I were, I may have a point somewhere in that possibly offensive and unclear rant.

Really though, the only thing I was serious about was the part where I don’t feel anything about Christmas.

Anyway. Since this is my first post, I thought I’d put out something that would cause people (who don’t read the labels of blog posts or skim read) to freak out, to be offended, to feel the need to spark a debate or to just go “the heck did I just read?”

Merry Christmas!


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