Blanket Fort!

“You’re too old for that!” Nonsense! Who says you can’t have a little childish fun every now and then.

So yeah, while everyone else in the house was busy doing whatever mundane things he or she would do, I decided to put up a “blanket fort” using whatever I could find that wasn’t in use. In fact, I had to use a cape or two from what probably was an ensemble I or my siblings wore for Halloween a few years back.

Unfortunately for me, we didn’t have any extra Christmas lights to put up inside like I wanted so I just used my lamp. 

Side commentary for the above photo that has nothing to do with a blanket fort: “Living to Tell the Tale” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (the same guy who wrote Chronicle of a Death Foretold). It’s an autobiography but it’s pretty interesting so far.

Yeah. Judge me as much as you want, but it’s quite cozy in here (that’s right, I’m still in here.)


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