You know what I hate?

Other girl “gamers” on League of Legends.

Stop whining about how you can’t even kill me and my teammates because we’re “overpowered” and because your teammates’ items suck. Look at your score, woman. 2 kills, 11 deaths.

You practically fed us (do you even know what that means?), which is why we’re “overpowering” you. Don’t you dare say you’re tanking and taking hits for your team. You’re not a freaking tank. Look at you. Your character is far from a tank. If you were a tank, you’d have enough armor to not die in 3 seconds.

You’re making us girls look bad and practically asking for the “Go back to the kitchen!” jokes.

So please, I suggest you shut it for awhile until you have some decent skills and some more knowledge of the game. Otherwise, get another game that suits you better. Like Barbie Faerie Princess, for example.


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