Summer so far: The Avengers + Palawan (Part One)

I’m so sorry blog, I have neglected you but before you PMS on me! I have a valid excuse. I’ve been having such a good summer. Yes. Yes I have.

So last Thursday, I went out with Mica and Chiara to Rockwell to watch the long-awaited The Avengers: Assemble. Holy shit I never expected it to be that epic. I won’t delve so much on it because words cannot describe how much I love it. Only my Tumblr will, what with my reblogs of Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Renner and Robert Downing Jr.

Excuse my fangirliness.

Anyway. I couldn’t fangirl so much that night after the movie ’cause I had to pack for my trip the next day. I never really expected much from Palawan, honestly. I just expected pretty beaches, a river in a dark cave full of batshit and sunburns but no, I got more than that (and surprisingly no major sunburns at all.) I unfortunately couldn’t get pictures of the Underground River and of the Honda Bay island hopping. Oh well, moving on.

We arrived at the airport at around lunch time and after claiming our luggage, we were brought to a restaurant nearby to eat. We were all in for a real, legit treat. The place we went to for our first lunch is called Ka Lui (write it down, if you’re going to Puerto Princesa). I just wanted to eat so I just expected another local restaurant that would sit you down and give you menus and take your orders and let you eat. Oh, how I was wrong.

When you’re at Ka Lui, you remove your shoes.

Yes that’s right.

You remove your shoes and are taken inside. The place has a very homey feel and they even have a little art gallery, which diners could go to while waiting for their food or any time at all. They showcase a lot of the Filipino heritage, including cloth that was made in a traditional way (I forget what it’s called):

I ordered their Specialty Seafood Platter and a Vegetarian Platter to share with my mom. I never expected much at all but it was the best food I had ever eaten in years. I’ll leave it to the pictures and their captions to explain why because I just cannot tell you how good the food was. They cooked/prepared it so perfectly I thought I was in heaven.

Fresh seaweed
Grilled fish in a mango sauce, sweet potato topped with an avocado-garlic puree, fresh seaweed, sliced carrots, steamed okra and pumpkin and eggplant tempura drizzled in sauce. Non-veggie lovers out there, like my sister, would actually appreciate this.
Just when we thought we were stuffed with grilled tuna steak (that was incredibly juicy and cooked to perfection I swear) and the rest of the meal, they served us a buko fruit bowl.

I’m getting incredibly hungry just writing this. Remember the name. Ka Lui. I suggest you book for a reservation a month prior to your trip, however. They are always fully booked because they can only accommodate less than 50 people, maybe even 30. If you’re feeling lucky and think you’ll get a table just by going there in person, the restaurant is open everyday except Sundays and they close at around 2 PM. They reopen at 6 PM, however.

Anyway, after that we headed to the Governor’s Ranch, where we were to stay, to change quickly before heading out to the Crocodile Farm, the Iwahig river firefly watching and then dinner. Again, I didn’t get to take much pictures due to the fact that it was such a hassle to carry around a Nikon DSLR. I could have used my iPod, but eh. I was enjoying myself too much.

  1. Seaweed omnomnom my favorite =P~

  2. Let's get some next time we go out 😛

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