A dose of: Fun/Foster the People/Kimbra

I was speaking to an old friend whom I used to be part of a gaming clan with (yes, I was actually part of one) and we started talking about music. He had told me to listen to fun. I knew one of their songs from hearing it repetitively on the radio but never really bothered knowing who they are (a habit of mine). So I went on one of my little music adventures where I check out the artist and the rest of their songs.

I ended up checking three. Usually, I find indie, unknown bands, but these guys don’t necessarily have to not have a record deal for me to drool over their music.

After listening to the three albums of those three artists/bands, I thought “Hey, why don’t I share it on my blog.” Then I thought, “Hey, why don’t I keep going on these little music adventures.” So here you go, the pioneer post of my “A dose of:” post series, which links to SoundCloud and gives you, whoever you are, Mr. Reader Person, a dose of what I feel is good music.

Any suggestions for artists? Comment.


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