Life Revamp (or simply, “Change”, but I want it to sound fancy)

Recently I’ve decided to change things up a bit. I’ve already started with my blog (moved from Blogspot to WordPress), my fitness (although right now, I can’t actually do any athletic activities due to having my fourth wisdom tooth removed) and my sense of responsibility (not that I was never responsible…)

So what if it’s not a new year? So what if it’s not spring (there isn’t a spring in the Philippines anyway)? I think it would have been a bit more reasonable for me to do what I’m about to do at the start of summer, not the end. Thing is, I’ve been trying to pull myself together mentally, all summer due to certain events that are far too personal to mention (at least, not yet.)

Right now, I’m working on my room. I feel way too claustrophobic just sitting in it and it’s so difficult to move around sometimes, especially when there’s other people in my room. Yes, unfortunately, I’m not one of the lucky few who get to prance about their room as much as they’d like without having to worry about bumping into something… or someone. No, I do not live in a broom closet. The term “broom closet x 3” best describes it. I think.


The “revamped room” is still a work in progress. For now I think I’ll work on my usage of parentheses (I, however, don’t see anything wrong with it.)


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