My name is Niki Martine. I am currently majoring in Social Sciences in the Ateneo De Manila University, Philippines.

I have a knack for photography (or at least, capturing moments, sometimes), video games and uh, video games. I like to draw. That is, I like to draw on my school notebooks during class because that’s the only time I ever draw nowadays. I love football. No, not American football. Football. I love playing it and I love watching it. It’s probably the only sport I’m not pathetic at.

I like going around the internet hunting for a good song or two, or even a good artist. My taste in music ranges from rock to electronic. I also happen to appreciate jazz, new wave and in some cases, folk. The pop genre these days (i.e. Justin Bieber, LMFAO and Ke$ha) is something I hate, feeling indifferent about or merely not give a f— about.

I dream to work for the UN or some sort of international diplomatic organization. I find beauty in languages and would want to eventually become a specialist in several foreign languages. Currently, I’m still trying to brush up on my Tagalog (which despite my being Filipino, isn’t my first language) and my French.

I’m admittedly, very opinionated and liberal. This blog here is my outlet, sometimes.


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