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You know that situation when you head to bed at 2 AM but end up dozing off at around 3 AM, but then you wake up bright and early at around 8 AM, and that situation when (people with lives won’t get this) you immediately turn on your laptop while still in bed and open up Safari (or any other, inferior browser)?

And you know that situation when you need to pee so you do and after that, you completely forget about your laptop for a moment so you grab a cup of coffee before remembering what exactly you were going to do before your bathroom break?

And you know that situation when you’re back in bed, with your laptop, mug of coffee in one hand and you take a sip and your tongue is like, holy shit it’s still scalding hot, gonna form uncomfortable rough bumps in the area you just burnt now. It’s ridiculous, you know?

And you know that situation when you’re on your Tumblr dashboard and on the Tumblr Radar is this photo:

© by theronhumphrey

You know that situation when your argument is invalid? Yeah. This is exactly why I have no life. And this post doesn’t even make sense.

But instead of Jackie Chan Meme Face-ing at the fact that I completely wasted (insert time it takes to read 4 long sentences that should be “relatable” but in fact, is just a description of my morning) of your life, you should check out Maddie the Coonhound.

It was just such a cute and funny thing to accidentally stumble upon so early in the morning. And it’s genius. And mad creative. I like that.

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