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I’m so sorry blog, I have neglected you but before you PMS on me! I have a valid excuse. I’ve been having such a good summer. Yes. Yes I have.

So last Thursday, I went out with Mica and Chiara to Rockwell to watch the long-awaited The Avengers: Assemble. Holy shit I never expected it to be that epic. I won’t delve so much on it because words cannot describe how much I love it. Only my Tumblr will, what with my reblogs of Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Renner and Robert Downing Jr.

Excuse my fangirliness.

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So awhile back I discovered a photography application for iOS called “푸딩카메라” or Pudding Camera.

Unlike Instagram, no one actually knew of this app. I guessed, at that time, it was because of the fact that this application was in Korean mostly and that unlike Instagram, it didn’t really have that feature of editing photos and sharing it to your followers on the app itself.

I only used it once in a blue moon. However, recently I updated it and saw that the same creator (KTH) had made an application called ““(click it click it click it!)

It’s pretty neat and although there aren’t many users on it, I think it has a lot of potential.

The features are adorable. When you share a photo, it not only asks you for tags but also for your mood in the photo but also to the music you are currently listening to (see photo below) and your location. These things help you find people nearby who are basically similar to you. Cute.

If you slide further up, your header expands to show your info. Even more cute. I don’t know.
Maybe it’s shallow of me to be amused by this but still.

The only thing that bothered me is that I had to complete certain steps in order to unlock certain effects. No matter, though. The only step I have left is to follow a friend (and unfortunately none of my friends are on this thing. I’d rather not follow some random person just yet.)

Here are some of the photos I took on a school trip to Corregidor Island. Editing was done on

The view from the island’s tailside. 
That gun was about or taller than my height, which is around 5 feet.
The remains of the Topside Barracks.
I never really thought that I’d enjoy that trip because previous trips in my previous high school years were more or less boring. However I thought, “Hey, it’s my last year in high school. I might as well go.” So I went and I was proven wrong by the fact that I was actually interested in the historical facts thrown at us here and there. The tour guide failed. Yeah, he failed. That is, he failed to bore me.
I wish I took more photos because the island has a hell of a lot more than those three things.

I am pumped. I am excited. Despite all the stress and anxiety I’ve been feeling since the first week of school after the Christmas break began, I’ve actually had a great week last week and I probably will this week.

Firstly, a couple of months back I took three college entrance exams to three of the top universities here (those being University of the Philippines, Ateneo and La Salle. and yes those are ranked in order of my preference).

I was more or less excited to see whether or not I passed. I mean, if I was pretty sure I would have passed at least one. Otherwise I would have thrown away the money and time we spent on my being driven all the way up north to Katipunan and my being reviewed almost every lesson in the high school curriculum.

Now, supposedly the La Salle results were to come out on January 3 but it apparently did not. Everyone started saying, “Oh, maybe it’ll come out late January. Or maybe early February.” So I just kept my mind off of checking the results webpage time after time and focused on schoolwork, which was particularly easy to do seeing that as soon as the 3rd day of school hit I was already thinking about so many school-related and extra curricular-related things.


I was doing this film shooting thing as an extra when my friend Chiara told me that the La Salle results are apparently out. As soon as I got home, I rushed to find the Reference Number on the copy of my exam permit and went online.


Yes, thank you Lord I have a future at least in La Salle.

So I guess I was happyhappyhappy about my result for the rest of the week (though I was quite sad, very sad about a certain someone else’s result… but that’s a different story).

On Thursday, when my dad came home from Hong Kong and started giving out his “pasalubong” to everyone, he went up to me and said, “Sorry Niki, I didn’t buy you anything.”

I blinked for a second wondering why he put emphasis on “buy.”

He then reminded me of the fact that he met with some representatives of (my all-time favorite football team ahhhhhh) Liverpool FC. Apparently he had won me something and guess what he pulled out of this ziplock bag, covered in cloth?

I literally screamed. I don’t even want to touch it again. It’s too beautiful to be touched. Deer gawd, they all signed it and touched the jersey. I want to cry.
Other than that, I passed Ateneo as well! And went out with friends to a theme park! And had fun! Good vibes, good vibes.
Congrats to everyone one who passed UST, La Salle or Ateneo as well! Now all we have to wait for now is UP. Fingers crossed.

“You’re too old for that!” Nonsense! Who says you can’t have a little childish fun every now and then.

So yeah, while everyone else in the house was busy doing whatever mundane things he or she would do, I decided to put up a “blanket fort” using whatever I could find that wasn’t in use. In fact, I had to use a cape or two from what probably was an ensemble I or my siblings wore for Halloween a few years back.

Unfortunately for me, we didn’t have any extra Christmas lights to put up inside like I wanted so I just used my lamp. 

Side commentary for the above photo that has nothing to do with a blanket fort: “Living to Tell the Tale” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (the same guy who wrote Chronicle of a Death Foretold). It’s an autobiography but it’s pretty interesting so far.

Yeah. Judge me as much as you want, but it’s quite cozy in here (that’s right, I’m still in here.)

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