So now that it’s summer, I don’t have any reason not to update this thing. Last week was just hectic, busy, overwhelming  and just wow. I guess you could say I’m no longer a high school student. I’m in that in-between place called “just graduated from high school” and “about to enter college.” So, I’m a lee-tol confused.

I mean, I really am. Someone came up to me during this Countdown to Earth Hour event I was at (more on that later) and asked, “So you’re a college student?”

And I honestly paused to think. Am I? Technically, I haven’t actually stepped foot into a formal class in Ateneo yet. And technically, I just left high school. So my brain decided to shut down for a moment but I managed to say, “No, I’m in high school.”

I didn’t want to further explain my little “identity crisis” to this guy because one, you just don’t stand that close to someone when trying to make small talk and two, you just DO NOT “accidentally” “caress” my hand when you’re handing me a candle. No. You just don’t.

Anyway. The night after my graduation, we attended this Earth Hour event taking place in the Ayala Triangle, Makati. Now, before I rant, that place is beautiful. I mean, I envy people who live nearby because it seems like such a nice place to have a morning jog and then have breakfast at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, among other restaurants, after jogging.

I didn’t bring my DSLR, because I rarely do nowadays. But I tried out this App on my Touch called “PowerCam.” Really neat stuff. And yes, I am advertising iOS Photography Apps again. It was dark and the only decent pictures I managed to get using the Cross-Processing Effect were these:

It was crowded an hour into being there. And I’m not very keen on being in a crowd. In fact, “not very keen” is an understatement. I. Hate. It. The only time I’d not hate a crowd is when that crowd is watching an Evanescence/The Maine (not that I went to The Maine…)/any other band that makes actual music (coughnotLMFAOcough) concert with me. Anyway. My brother and I took a walk around first because of the crowd, and got some food for my family across the street at McDonald’s.
(HERE’S THE RANT GUYS. OVER HERE. If you don’t want to read everything else.) Right. So when we were taking a walk. We started complaining about this Earth Hour shenanigan. Firstly, if you want to raise awareness, why not do it in a green way? Like posters made of recycled paper. Or something. The event I went to was as harmless to the Earth as a tumor is to humans.
I mean, seriously? The whole event had a full-on lighting and sound system. You call that green? If you’re nodding your head right now, you, sir, are not in your right mind. Look at this:
Anyone up for a debate? Because I am. That right there is not raising awareness. That is commercializing on a trend called “going green.” The whole theme of the event was “I will ______ IF you will ______.” 
Well, guess what “Makati Goes Beyond Earth Hour” event organizers? I will take you seriously IF you will just not use this approach to “raise awareness.” You are also commercializing on hypocrisy, by the way. It’s almost hilarious.
And yes, I was one of those people who said “Hey guys! It’s Earth Hour! Turn off your lights.” But after seeing this? No way. You’re supposed to set an example, right? Isn’t that the theme?
I guess it was for fun and it was pretty cool, I mean check it out:
Makes for very nice photography. Maybe a little raising of awareness. But other than that, I didn’t see a point in what I just saw last Saturday.

I have to be honest about two things here.

Number one. I actually forgot I had a blog at some point. Hey, you can’t blame me though. I’ve been a bit stressed out (although I know others are more stressed than I am) with passing my last year of high school (inhaleexhaleinhaleexhaleinhaleexhale). I have around 31 days left ’til I hit one of many milestones in life. I’m freaking the f*** out.

Well anyway. I’ve decided it’s about time I liven things up a bit around here and the way I’m going to do so is by ranting.

The second thing I have to be honest about is the fact that I’m very particular with grammar. In fact, if I had a gun, and if punctuation marks and both uppercase and lowercase letters were my ammo, I would be trigger happy.

I know, I know. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Even I do. However, if English is your native language, or a language that you are supposedly proficient in, and if your learning abilities aren’t impaired please.

Please be aware that the simplest grammar error, that you consistently make and that any fluent English-speaking neanderthal can point out, will cause me to want to eat it. Whole. And that’s not a very pretty sight.

Here are three of the many things that annoy me when I see them:

  • Your stupid. Ha. Oh, the irony. Sorry honey but in fact, you’re stupid.

Okay. This is the number one thing that causes me to want to stab my screen. I’m pretty sure that you were taught this during elementary. I’m pretty sure you see a lot of material (e.g. print ads, television ads, books, brochures, magazines and text on the internet) that makes use of the words you and you’re

I’m pretty darn sure that due to your natural capability as a human to learn from mistakes and from others, and due to the fact that you actually noticed someone else’s stupidity, you’re observant enough to learn the difference between them.

  • Their getting there things in awhile. It’s funny because I know for a fact that they’re actually getting their things in awhile over there.

This I will understand. It is confusing. I mean, THEY ALL SOUND SIMILAR. However, I think you’ll be able to notice the fact that MS Word has been correcting “their” to “they’re” and “there” to “their” in that sentence. You would, wouldn’t you?

  • RT @person I Am Going To The Beach In A Few Days. Is that the title of a new movie coming out? Sounds interesting.

I don’t mind the “RT @person part.” Twitter is Twitter. It’s acceptable. However, do you really have to capitalize every starting letter of every word in your tweet? It’s not a title is it? Or is there a movie that came out called “So Lazy To Do My Homework Like OMG.”

No. Just. No.

I have a lot more. However, I have a feeling someone will be butthurt and say that I’m a narrow minded evil hypocritical grammar fanatic. No. Read back to line 14 and 15. Don’t worry, it’s highlighted so you can find it.

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