I’m so sorry blog, I have neglected you but before you PMS on me! I have a valid excuse. I’ve been having such a good summer. Yes. Yes I have.

So last Thursday, I went out with Mica and Chiara to Rockwell to watch the long-awaited The Avengers: Assemble. Holy shit I never expected it to be that epic. I won’t delve so much on it because words cannot describe how much I love it. Only my Tumblr will, what with my reblogs of Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Renner and Robert Downing Jr.

Excuse my fangirliness.

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Whether this email is phony or not, I decided to have some kicks and giggles. You know, amuse myself because I certainly do not have a life.

It’s funny because number one, I’m getting this email because I took the SAT. I’ve been getting all sorts of emails from colleges in America. Number two, when I “acknowledge my award”, it says “Congratulations Sylvia!” Number three, the details in the email aren’t the same as those in the website.
So I decided to reply.

Full text:


I am very honored to have received such eligibility. I’ve had a look at your school and what you offer and I must say, I would be very happy to go there. However, I realized that you are a Catholic school.

I’m so sorry to say that I recently converted to Buddhism. Does one necessarily have to be a Catholic to enter your school? I certainly hope not. I suppose it shouldn’t be a problem. After all, you couldn’t even get my name right (it most certainly isn’t Sylvia) on the page in which  I acknowledge my scholarship, which in the email you say is $7,500 per year but in the website it says something along the lines of $14,000. Now, that’s not to bad. Heck, I could by myself a new Mac Book Pro after four years of savings. But then again, my name is not Sylvia and this Sylvia, somewhere out there should know of this $14,000 annual scholarship. This concerns me.

You could have possibly shattered her dreams of going to your university, maybe even college itself, by inadvertently sending this to me.

Anyway back to my previous point. I don’t think it would be a problem either for you to accept a Buddhist because you seemed to have persisted on sending me this email, even after I unsubscribed to this. Now, I am quite frankly flattered. But come to think of it, I’ll pass. Besides. I don’t have the luxury or the money to move all the way to Miami, Florida.


Oh, c’mon. Don’t worry, for those of you taking me so seriously. Loosen up. I saved it as a draft.

You know that situation when you head to bed at 2 AM but end up dozing off at around 3 AM, but then you wake up bright and early at around 8 AM, and that situation when (people with lives won’t get this) you immediately turn on your laptop while still in bed and open up Safari (or any other, inferior browser)?

And you know that situation when you need to pee so you do and after that, you completely forget about your laptop for a moment so you grab a cup of coffee before remembering what exactly you were going to do before your bathroom break?

And you know that situation when you’re back in bed, with your laptop, mug of coffee in one hand and you take a sip and your tongue is like, holy shit it’s still scalding hot, gonna form uncomfortable rough bumps in the area you just burnt now. It’s ridiculous, you know?

And you know that situation when you’re on your Tumblr dashboard and on the Tumblr Radar is this photo:

© by theronhumphrey

You know that situation when your argument is invalid? Yeah. This is exactly why I have no life. And this post doesn’t even make sense.

But instead of Jackie Chan Meme Face-ing at the fact that I completely wasted (insert time it takes to read 4 long sentences that should be “relatable” but in fact, is just a description of my morning) of your life, you should check out Maddie the Coonhound.

It was just such a cute and funny thing to accidentally stumble upon so early in the morning. And it’s genius. And mad creative. I like that.

So now that it’s summer, I don’t have any reason not to update this thing. Last week was just hectic, busy, overwhelming  and just wow. I guess you could say I’m no longer a high school student. I’m in that in-between place called “just graduated from high school” and “about to enter college.” So, I’m a lee-tol confused.

I mean, I really am. Someone came up to me during this Countdown to Earth Hour event I was at (more on that later) and asked, “So you’re a college student?”

And I honestly paused to think. Am I? Technically, I haven’t actually stepped foot into a formal class in Ateneo yet. And technically, I just left high school. So my brain decided to shut down for a moment but I managed to say, “No, I’m in high school.”

I didn’t want to further explain my little “identity crisis” to this guy because one, you just don’t stand that close to someone when trying to make small talk and two, you just DO NOT “accidentally” “caress” my hand when you’re handing me a candle. No. You just don’t.

Anyway. The night after my graduation, we attended this Earth Hour event taking place in the Ayala Triangle, Makati. Now, before I rant, that place is beautiful. I mean, I envy people who live nearby because it seems like such a nice place to have a morning jog and then have breakfast at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, among other restaurants, after jogging.

I didn’t bring my DSLR, because I rarely do nowadays. But I tried out this App on my Touch called “PowerCam.” Really neat stuff. And yes, I am advertising iOS Photography Apps again. It was dark and the only decent pictures I managed to get using the Cross-Processing Effect were these:

It was crowded an hour into being there. And I’m not very keen on being in a crowd. In fact, “not very keen” is an understatement. I. Hate. It. The only time I’d not hate a crowd is when that crowd is watching an Evanescence/The Maine (not that I went to The Maine…)/any other band that makes actual music (coughnotLMFAOcough) concert with me. Anyway. My brother and I took a walk around first because of the crowd, and got some food for my family across the street at McDonald’s.
(HERE’S THE RANT GUYS. OVER HERE. If you don’t want to read everything else.) Right. So when we were taking a walk. We started complaining about this Earth Hour shenanigan. Firstly, if you want to raise awareness, why not do it in a green way? Like posters made of recycled paper. Or something. The event I went to was as harmless to the Earth as a tumor is to humans.
I mean, seriously? The whole event had a full-on lighting and sound system. You call that green? If you’re nodding your head right now, you, sir, are not in your right mind. Look at this:
Anyone up for a debate? Because I am. That right there is not raising awareness. That is commercializing on a trend called “going green.” The whole theme of the event was “I will ______ IF you will ______.” 
Well, guess what “Makati Goes Beyond Earth Hour” event organizers? I will take you seriously IF you will just not use this approach to “raise awareness.” You are also commercializing on hypocrisy, by the way. It’s almost hilarious.
And yes, I was one of those people who said “Hey guys! It’s Earth Hour! Turn off your lights.” But after seeing this? No way. You’re supposed to set an example, right? Isn’t that the theme?
I guess it was for fun and it was pretty cool, I mean check it out:
Makes for very nice photography. Maybe a little raising of awareness. But other than that, I didn’t see a point in what I just saw last Saturday.

So awhile back I discovered a photography application for iOS called “푸딩카메라” or Pudding Camera.

Unlike Instagram, no one actually knew of this app. I guessed, at that time, it was because of the fact that this application was in Korean mostly and that unlike Instagram, it didn’t really have that feature of editing photos and sharing it to your followers on the app itself.

I only used it once in a blue moon. However, recently I updated it and saw that the same creator (KTH) had made an application called “pudding.to“(click it click it click it!)

It’s pretty neat and although there aren’t many users on it, I think it has a lot of potential.

The features are adorable. When you share a photo, it not only asks you for tags but also for your mood in the photo but also to the music you are currently listening to (see photo below) and your location. These things help you find people nearby who are basically similar to you. Cute.

If you slide further up, your header expands to show your info. Even more cute. I don’t know.
Maybe it’s shallow of me to be amused by this but still.

The only thing that bothered me is that I had to complete certain steps in order to unlock certain effects. No matter, though. The only step I have left is to follow a friend (and unfortunately none of my friends are on this thing. I’d rather not follow some random person just yet.)

Here are some of the photos I took on a school trip to Corregidor Island. Editing was done on Pudding.to.

The view from the island’s tailside. 
That gun was about or taller than my height, which is around 5 feet.
The remains of the Topside Barracks.
I never really thought that I’d enjoy that trip because previous trips in my previous high school years were more or less boring. However I thought, “Hey, it’s my last year in high school. I might as well go.” So I went and I was proven wrong by the fact that I was actually interested in the historical facts thrown at us here and there. The tour guide failed. Yeah, he failed. That is, he failed to bore me.
I wish I took more photos because the island has a hell of a lot more than those three things.

I haven’t touched this in years and now that I have some free time, I think I’m going to update this blog more frequently as well.

On that note, I hadn’t touched my pen tablet in years either. I started using it a couple of days ago and went back to brushing up (get it? Brushing up? Ain’t that punny?) on my digital painting, or at the very least, my drawing skills.

Just a sketch. I will be posting progress updates.
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